Fraud and misconduct is a risk for most businesses. Normal escalation procedures are not always able to capture sensitive issues. To deliver value, an employee hotline must be trusted by those who might have cause to use it. By making WBS’s Whistleblower service available, you are providing a trusted and independent hotline facility that tells your employees that your business takes fraud and misconduct seriously.

We provide services under:

  • Organisation based schemes
  • Statutory schemes (Public Interest Disclosures)

WBS’s Whistleblower service is for any organisation aiming to minimise workplace misconduct through the use of an independent and trusted whistleblowing reporting mechanism. Current clients include major Australian organisations in a wide range of industries including:

  • education; tertiary, secondary, primary, prep, out of school hours care
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Not For Profit Organisations
  • Swimming Clubs
  • health, aged care and science
  • hospitality; food, retail, gaming
  • insurance and finance
  • construction and major projects
  • primary industries
  • government (national, state and local)
  • transport and logistics
  • storage and packaging
  • utilities; electricity, gas and water
  • mining and resources
  • professional services
  • franchise and agent networks

We can also support offshore companies on a 24/7 basis with the use of language recording and translation services.

  • Save time and money by letting us absorb the cost and complexity of setting up and running the service.
  • Increased confidence that fraud or misconduct is more likely to be reported.
  • Gain insight with an effective management tool that can provide a business with insight into a range of issues such as the identification of the type of fraud or misconduct the business is vulnerable to, the adequacy of policy and procedures and the effectiveness of internal controls.


Download our Whistle Blowing Set up Checklist

Areas of Concern


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Risk Fiscal | Operations | Projects | Environment | Safety | Critical Events | Technology | Quality Assurance | Supplier | Purchaser | Other
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Bribery | Misappropriation | Embezzlement | Fraud | Forgery | Audit Fraud| Money Laundering | Siphoning
Property Sabotage | Vandalism | Theft | Unlawful Disposal | Disposal not at Market Value
Procurement Kickback | Bribe | Corrupt Payment | Corrupt Influence | Bidding Collusion | Bid Manipulation | Variation Abuse | Billing Abuse | Undisclosed Interest in a Contract | Contract Specifications | Billing Redirection
Corporate Standards Code of Conduct | Falsifying documents | Insubordination | Misconduct | Grievance
Company Policy Misconduct Abuse of Authority | Misuse of Property | Acceptable Use Breach | Conflict of Interest | Fitness to Work | Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Inappropriate Actions Discrimination – Age | Gender | Race | Colour | Religion | Orientation
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