Trained Staff to deal with All your Questions and Needs

Current users and organisations can get help now with any troubleshooting or ‘disclosure’ questions. The below support methods can not accept whistleblower disclosures, however can assist individuals with how to make a disclosure or answer any general questions. Click here to make a report.

The support centre is open during general business hours, Monday – Friday AEST.

Helpful information to ensure your disclosure is made correctly, you can easily sign in to the Whistleblower Portal/Message Board and Case Management troubleshooting.
Our support team will quickly receive and assist with any system or disclosure questions.
Available for those with an ORG ID. Speak with a support team member during work hours AEST.

Installing Tor Browser

For anonymous browsing we recommend installing Tor Browser before:

  • making enquiries
  • creating a Proton Mail account
  • making a disclosure

Obtaining an Anonymous Email

We recommend using Proton Mail, without authentication to retain your anonymity.  Install Tor Browser, then go to Proton Mail.

You can do this by installing the Tor Browser, go to this page on our website and clicking on the link.

Speak with a support team member during work hours AEST.