Confidential Reporting 360° Plus

A 360° PLUS Assessment accomplishes this objective by creating an open and transparent environment where individuals provide feedback not just about their direct manager, but also about their peers, and the organisational performance more broadly.   Feedback is also gained from other stakeholders including past staff, and others, such as clients or customers. Individuals also have the opportunity to rate themselves, which results in the ability to see differences in how they feel they behave versus how their behaviours are perceived by others.

Our 360° PLUS Assessment process creates a snapshot of human potential and performance within an organisation and enhances an individual’s awareness of his/her strengths and areas for development in order to guide development.  It also compliments our Whistle Blowing Frameworks as an added layer of organisational awareness to maintain effective governance and controls.

The 360˚ Leadership Model consists of four quadrants. The ‘Self-Management’ and ‘Relationship Management’ quadrants are designed to assess emotional and social competencies, often associated with emotional intelligence, or EQ. The ‘Internal Business Management’ and ‘External Business Management’ quadrants are designed to capture performance ratings against operational and strategic business competencies. We are measuring both behavioral and business competencies


Self-Management refers to personal awareness, self-regulation, stress management, resilience, transparency and authenticity. It describes the process of managing one’s emotions maturely to achieve the best outcomes. Successful self-management requires taking care of your brand and reputation.


Relationship Management refers to the ability to achieve better results through better relationships. It is about getting along with others in order to get ahead. Successful relationship management requires recognition that your own level of performance relies on the performance of your team, which in turn relies on their engagement.


Working in the Business refers to having the experience, capability and efficiency to consistently deliver great results. Success in this area is about achieving service and operational excellence in a timely, efficient manner.


Working on the Business refers to adding extra value through innovation and strategic planning, and building motivated, accountable teams. Success in this area requires spending more time on the business, having a planning cycle, conducting regular planning reviews and challenging poor performers.

The Diversity 360° is powered by Diversity Australia © is a comprehensive multi-rater feedback tool designed to help leaders at any level of an organisation understand how their peers, managers, direct reports and any other significant stakeholders view their performance, behaviours and engagement.

Aligned with our core assessments, the Diversity 360°uses an easy-to-interpret leadership framework to provide a real-time look at an individual’s attitude, behaviour and performance. Our reports offer constructive feedback around leadership expectations and sets priorities for improvement.

  • Applications against National and International Norms
  • Career-minded and developmentally-focussed professionals who want to know how to get to the next level
  • Derailing or transitioning managers who need targeted coaching around leadership skills or derailment risks around behavioural issues
  • Coaching clients who want to track their annual improvement using a test-retest measure
  • Measure frontline and middle managers’ capabilities against ten key management capabilities
  • Customisation of their capabilities and their strengths tailored to your organisation’s
  • Can be done before and after a development program to track effectiveness

It is important to remember that 360-degree assessments can also be utilised as an alternative support tool for performance evaluation or as a means to take corrective action against an employee who is misaligned with the organisations values and expectations.

In the public sector, 360-degree assessments are becoming more prevalent. The rapidly growing rate of 360-degree assessment usage in the public sector has been illustrated on a federal level where the Australian Federal, State and Local Government sectors have successfully utilised our Diversity 360-degree assessment for supervisors, managers and executive levels across many business sectors.

As a result, this is increasing effective organisational performance and leader self-awareness by offering leaders and managers opportunities to actively seek-out and incorporate the views of others into his/her own self-assessment.  The use of our Diversity 360-degree assessments in private and public sector continues to grow because it supports the goals of organisations related to workforce planning, succession planning and the ongoing retention of well-qualified leaders.

This is valuable tool for organisations and their Boards that seek to learn the strengths and weaknesses in their managerial and leadership culture. Effective organisations realise cultural changes start with individual change, which they then complement with an organizational development strategy.

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