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This portal is for Internal Staff and External Organisation contact points for reporting incidents and items regarding Probity for Directors, Administrators, Managers and Staff under the Australian Laws and Legisation.


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The APHA’s aims are:

To ensure that Australians are empowered with personal choice and rapid access to affordable hospital care of the highest quality.
To champion the cause of private hospitals in delivering the very best in hospital care to patients.
To promote and protect the interests of private hospitals, their owners and operators, and to proactively interact with members, to ensure private health care continues to be dynamic in meeting the ever-changing needs of the Australian community.
To strive in achieving acceptance by governments of a comprehensive role for private hospitals in their desire to provide a full range of health care services and their commitment to adequate self-regulation and review – thus ensuring the highest standards in quality care.
To adopt all measures necessary to emphasise the rightful place of private hospitals in Australia’s unique balanced health care system..