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This portal is for making disclosures regarding AirTrunk and its operations in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

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AirTrunk's approach to Whistleblowing

AirTrunk is committed to ensuring the highest standards of conduct in all of its activities by:

– promoting and actively developing an enhanced culture of honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour

– conducting our operations lawfully and responsibly

– preventing and detecting suspected misconduct and illegal or unethical behaviour

– reviewing our operations and standards to ensure their continuous improvement


AirTrunk encourages the reporting of suspected misconduct so that it can be dealt with appropriately.


Please read AirTrunk’s Whistleblowing Policy for more information about AirTrunk’s approach to whistleblowing and the applicable policies.


Security for the Whistleblower

This online platform is run by an external service provider, WBS, and is designed to protect your anonymity and privacy.  Any information collected about you will only be collected with your express consent.   You can choose to remain completely anonymous.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a report?

How do I make a report?

AirTrunk’s Whistleblowing Policy provides a number of options for making a report.

One option is to make an online report through this platform, which is run by WBS as an external service provider.

To make an online report please click on the ‘Make a Report’ button below. You will be redirected to the new page where you need to enter ‘AIR2021’ in the ‘Unique Key’ field. Click on ‘next’ and follow the prompt. You will then be asked for your “Client Reference Number” that is “2vcfz2021″.

When you lodge an online report, you will be provided with your own unique number which will be up to 20 characters long. Please keep a record of the unique number. It will be important if you wish to resume a report, upload more information for your report or monitor progress of your report.

How is my anonymity protected?

In order to protect your anonymity:

  • WBS does not collect or retain your name, email address or phone number without your express consent.
  • The report you make is submitted via an electronic form, entirely between you and the external service provider, WBS. Your identity, information and privacy will be protected by secure 256-bit encryption.

When making an online report, you can choose to:

  • remain completely anonymous; or
  • disclose your identity only to WBS and they will not disclose your identity to AirTrunk until they have your permission or until required by law; or
  • agree to disclose your identity to both WBS and to AirTrunk.
Need more information?

Need more information?

  • Please read AirTrunk’s Whistleblowing Policy
  • Visit WBS FAQ page
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